Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fitbit Follies!

This week a good friend of mine GAVE me her old fitbit!

It was such an eye-opener!
The first day I just didn't push myself, and I only came up with 4000 steps.  An "active" person typically walks 10,000 steps. Which I researched and is actually a pretty arbitrary number. However, with the average person walking around 4,000, pushing yourself to hit 6,000 more is really hard. You basically HAVE to go for a walk/climb stairs/etc.

I found myself finding reasons to go out for a walk or do a stepper during the commercials/tv time. I found myself parking further from my destination, going to the further bathroom, etc.

An active lifestyle doesn't mean I need to run 5 miles a day, or spend hours and hours on the treadmill, just pushing myself to make this small change has been amazing and I feel great!

Since last week was the first week wearing it I took it a bit slow, check out my stats for the week below!

I also counted calories with it. It seems my WW Points are about equal to 1700 calories (which explains why my fitness pal giving me 1450 a day made me feel like a starving psychopath). I figured out my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate- or what you burn if you just slept in your bed all day, breathing) is about 1780, so this makes sense. With fit bit, and the amount of activity I'm doing, if I don't do anything extra I usually burn about 2300-ish.

BUT if I am doing extra, I burn around 3000!

So this week I committed to at least 5 days a week of 10,000 steps. It is hard on my back still so I have to have a couple days where I don't do it.