Sunday, March 17, 2013

Role Reversal/5%

So, I was laid off. :(

Boyfriend got a job though.

So our roles have been reversed. One would think being home all day would really ramp up the weight loss, wrong. So wrong.

First of all, I needed another steroid shot in my back. Secondly, I went to the beach to party. Thirdly, my back hurts! Although, now, post steroid shot, that should no longer be a huge problem. Fourthly, We haven't had real food in the house for so long because of the STRESS.

I've decided to use this time to really get back to walking, starting with a nice three mile walk on the nicest day of the year so far.

This was great. My fitbit has been slowly falling behind because of all the back pain, but I plan to put it back to use and hit 10,000 steps everyday I can.

HOWEVER, after a week away from the scale (I was down the beach on weigh in day, oops) I faced the music, nervously at my meeting yesterday, I was down 1.2 for the last two weeks! I've lost 12 lbs since the first week of January. Which means I've officially lost 5% of my starting weight. As exciting as all that is, it does also mean I have a long ways to go, and another 12 lbs before I hit my 10%, but its a start. I started off the year wanting to lose 50, and now I've only got 38 to go.

Of course since going back to work, boyfriend has lost like 20 lbs in what feels like 20 days. But I can not compare myself to that. At all.

Now, Happy St. Pattys day ya'll- I'm off to drink some green mimosa's.

No pictures makes me sad, so here is one of me down the beach-looking cute.

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