Monday, January 28, 2013

Bento Box Bonaza!

So I got this from groupon a few weeks ago.

Bento Lunch! Peanut Butter sandwich on an Arnolds Sandwich Thin, pretzel sticks, horseradish cheddar cheese, and an apple!

It is my new favorite tool.
I love having a "lunchbox" again.
I love not wasting and spending money on Ziploc bags.
I love not carrying six huge containers.

Bento Breakfast and Lunch-2 Eggs scrambled with Cabot reduced fat cheddar cheese, brown n serve turkey sausage links, and an english muffin with olive oil on it (instead of butter), and an apple with Cabot horseradish cheddar cheese, peanut butter and pretzel sticks for lunch. ALL IN ONE CONTAINER!

At first I thought the compartments might be too small and annoy me, but instead they rock! You can tailor it to your wants and needs each day, everything stays nice and fresh and separate. I love that I can have breakfast and lunch in one container, rather than fifty ziplock bags. I love planning my lunch before hand and then TRACKING it that night, and being ready for the next day.

You can pick up your OWN bento box from Amazon: click here!
And the company has a blog: 
There are  A LOT of options. Look around and see what works for you. I love this one because it is BPA free, easy to microwave and wash (the lid can't go in the microwave, and top rack only!) But seriously, it has helped with portions, planning, and tracking so much. I can not recommend getting a real lunch box anymore!

FURTHERMORE (I also made this):

I follow a blog called 100 Days of Real Food. They are awesome and you should follow them too! They have inspired me to start eating more whole real food again and reading those labels!

Having grown up with parents and family who create awesome whole food products, I really love cooking myself and eating things that come from real wholesome ingredients. I am certainly not to the point where I am eliminating ALL processed foods, just cutting down a great down deal. 

In an effort to eat less processed (a little) I made my own whole wheat english muffins! and my own tomato sauce. Then I portioned them out with cheese, and boom, fake lunchables. I get all fun of being a kid and making my pizza at lunch, but its less calories, more filling, and with way less preservatives! I just did cheese, but you could add whatever you wanted! I also love the measuring cups I got with my Weight Watchers success kit to keep my sauce and cheese portioned out nicely. They even stayed upright in the bento box (amazing right?). Although I did work to keep the box level so as not to spill all the sauce.

Overall using this the last two weeks has really ramped up my planning and motivation. I again, can not recommend getting a real lunch box enough.

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